Timeshare Up-Front Fees

Have you paid an upfront fee over the phone?

Have you had a call out of the blue that you didn’t expect asking you if you want to sell your timeshare?

There are many companies still actively cold calling & targeting timeshare owners to pay up-front fees often over the phone in order to sell their Timeshare. This is known as your common Timeshare Resale scam.

What follows is pressure selling tactics trying to get you to pay more money, or attend a local roadshow that happens to be in your area to get you to purchase even more timeshare products and most importantly there is no intention of getting you out of the timeshare contract.

We would advise you to be suspicious of any call that:
  • contacts you out of the blue
  • says they already have a buyer for your timeshare
  • puts a lot of pressure on you
  • asks for more personal details
  • invites you to attend a presentation
  • asks for a upfront fee payable on a credit card or via bank transfer
What to look out for…

If you have already paid a company money to cancel your timeshare but are unsure if they are a bogus company or are exactly who they say they are, then get in contact and we maybe be able to help.

Here is some key things to check:

  • Check when the company was formed at Companies House
  • Check the company registration is not bogus
  • Do they have a physical office address you can visit
  • If they are Solicitors they should be authorised by The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)
  • You must read any contract & understand it before you sign it

Sometimes it is difficult to assess the good from the bad. There are companies pretending to be Solicitors when in fact they are just telesales advisors or sales teams offering to cancel your timeshare for a fee, while having other motives of getting you signed up for another product but never taking you out of your timeshare contract.

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