What are your Options

What are your options for getting rid of your Timeshare Contract?

Our clients ask what their real options are with regards to getting rid of their timeshares. The real answer is, they are limited.


Most people who write to their timeshare company requesting this service are told they cannot do this and are advised to try to sell it themselves. Most resort companies do not offer an in-house resale service so you are really on your own with this. Although some companies will say they allow people to hand their timeshare back, what they often do is arrange for you to see a high pressure sales rep who will try to sell you another timeshare product to assist you to relinquish your timeshare.
This is an option that most people try. Although your timeshare does have a value to you, it may not have a value to anybody else. At any time there are thousands of timeshares up for sale and very few actually sell. People tend to buy timeshare while they are on holiday, just like you did. By advertising timeshares for sale on resale sites or public auction sites like ebay they usually quickly realise that this will not work.
Timeshare law is complex and often covers multiple jurisdictions. This in itself often puts people off taking this course of action. Our Legal team specialises in the area of timeshare claims and have successfully assisted many people in relinquishing their timeshares and in some cases received compensation for the unfair and sometimes illegal actions of the companies.
It is illegal for companies who are not solicitor practices, to ask for money in advance to sell or dispose of your timeshare. We often deal with clients who have paid sometimes multiple times for disposal services and now not only own their original timeshare and still have the liability they started with, but have paid out thousands for holiday packages which their timeshares were supposed to be traded in against. This then complicates the legal process with multiple actions now being required. Don’t be too alarmed if you are in this position, our team have dealt with some of the most complex cases involving many different parties and can still help.
This is a course of action we will not suggest. Most timeshare companies have a clause in their contract that they reserve the right to repossess, however, rarely act on this. In fact, more often than not, we hear that they suspend use of the timeshare and hand over the debt to a debt collecting agency. The debt collection agency often allows the debt to build up over a period of time (during this time people begin to think that they have managed to get rid of their timeshare membership) and then start harassing people for repayment of mounting debts. You have signed a binding legal agreement, regardless of how one sided, and are generally liable for management fees. The debt collection companies know this and know they can legally enforce your payment of the debt.

Our team of specialist solicitors are confident that they can help you with the best course of action, whether that is relinquishment or a claim.

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