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We have successfully negotiated exits for many of our clients. We are proud to say that the pressure we are exerting on the Timeshare companies is starting to pay dividends and they are realising their exposure. We will continue to take our fight to the timeshare clubs to ensure our clients get out, and compensation where possible. We will always act in our clients’ best interest and will not take on any cases where we feel we are unable to successfully assist.
Your first 30 minute assessment won’t cost you a thing. If we decide you have a case that we can pursue we will offer you our services on an agreed fee basis that will cover all work during your case up to and including issuing proceedings at court to force the timeshare company to release you (subject to a risk assessment confirming that the prospects of success at Court are reasonable). There are no hidden costs and once an agreed fee has been set, it will not change.
After we complete your legal case, we will then look at claiming compensation on your behalf if we feel you were mis-sold the timeshare or financial products. In the event that you are released from the contract and we advise that you have a compensation claim we will discuss with you the options for funding that part of the work. We will, in most cases, be willing to fund this aspect of our work through a no win no fee service, known as a “damages based agreement”. This means that you will only have to pay our fees in the event that we are successful and win compensation for you. Our fee will be based on an agreed percentage of the damages we recover on your behalf. We pride ourselves on providing the clearest and transparent information about our costs as we can and urge you to ask us any questions about the way the work is funded. We can discuss this aspect in the free 30 minute assessment.
Each individual case is different, depending on its complexity. For example a case involving any compensation claim will take longer than a straightforward relinquishment. Once we have assessed your paperwork we can provide you with a guideline timescale. More often than not the timeshare companies will employ as many delay tactics as possible but we will always keep you notified on the status of your case.
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